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Valentine’s Day gifts with a twist: The Cannabis items that will sweep your Valentine off their feet

Looking to spice things up this Valentine’s Day? Then it’s time to cancel your standing order with the florist and skip the heart shaped box of generics chocolate in the grocery store aisle. You can still show up on your Valentines’ doorstep with an impressive flower and chocolate assortment, they just might be of the Cannabis variety this year.

Just imagine the surprise and delight on your Valentine’s face when you show up with Cannabis flowers and infused chocolate to celebrate the most romantic day of the year?  The good news is you don’t have to imagine. We have a great selection of flowers, edibles and accessories available at Mountain View Cannabis that will help you make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable one yet. Our budtenders even took the time to come up with the greatest Cannabis related valentine gift combos of all time based on different dating scenarios. Check them out.

You’re in that awkward “dating, but it’s not official” phase

You’ve been together forever, so Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to relax and hangout

Your on-again, off-again love interest

You’re flying solo this February 14


You want to let someone know they have a secret admirer


It may seem like you still have lot of time to get that special someone something, but believe us when we say these unique goodies are flying off the shelves. If you want to avoid the typical dozen rose’s cliché, we suggest visiting us at Mountain View Cannabis pronto. 

See you soon!