Black Widow Kinda Night

Looking for a humble strain that will keep you focused, energized and ready to conquer!?!? This strain provides an exceptional head high with remarkably intense euphoria, powerful happiness, deep relaxation, and a major case of the munchies. Black Widow is only recommended for patients who have been toking for a while, as its intensity can […]

Solei Balance

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section” _builder_version=”4.16″ global_colors_info=”{}”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row” _builder_version=”4.16″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” global_colors_info=”{}”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.16″ custom_padding=”|||” global_colors_info=”{}” custom_padding__hover=”|||”][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” _builder_version=”4.17.4″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat” hover_enabled=”0″ global_colors_info=”{}” sticky_enabled=”0″] Skip the yoga class and still find your zen. Dark green hues with a spicy aroma, Solei Balance is perfectly flowered, and is a truly balanced delight with thc and cbd! […]

Broken Coast Denman and MVC

PIE IN THE SKY Mountain View Cannabis would love to introduce to you a hidden gem by Broken Coast. Denman (AKA Pie in the Sky) is a mostly Sativa hybrid that’s bright green with perfectly shaped flowers and a nice dusting of trichomes. Smoke it by the 8 ball or taste it with a pre-roll! […]

Late Night? Cannabis?

Troubles Sleeping!?!? Marco has a problem! It may sound familiar. Marco is always awake at night and needs help sleeping. So he has tried everything from A to Z and has found only W works! That W being our god friend Weed. (cannabis) So Marco makes sure he always has enough of Weed’s good cousin […]

How to Save Big on Cannabis!

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.4.6″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.4.6″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.4.6″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.6″ hover_enabled=”0″] Mountain View Cannabis Weekly Specials Cannabis enthusiasts rejoice!   Who doesn’t love to save a bit of money every once and a while? As much as you probably love to get your hands on new cannabis goodies all the time we know that weekly trips to the […]

New Cannabis Products

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.4.6″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.4.6″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.4.6″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.6″ hover_enabled=”0″] New Sprouts, New Weekly Products!   Hey Cannabis lovers,   Since we know you’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest cannabis goodies, we thought we’d make it simple for you to find exactly what you’re looking for with a click of a button.  We’re […]

Everything you need to know about Cannabis

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.4.4″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.4.4″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.4.4″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.6″ hover_enabled=”0″] Cannabis Flower 101   Even through it’s been over a year since the legalization of Cannabis in Calgary; the city is still buzzing (no pun intended) with excitement. But for industry newcomers who have yet to make their way into a dispensary, we admit it can be […]

4/20 Celebrations During COVID-19

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.4.3″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.4.3″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.4.3″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.3″] How to host a virtual 420 party in 4 simple steps! 4/20 is here! Technically the entire month of April 2020 is considered 4/20, but we’re talking about Monday, April 20th – a day internationally devoted to celebrating cannabis culture, smoking cannabis and use of all cannabis products. […]

Strathcona Community Profile

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.4.3″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.4.3″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.4.3″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.3″] We love with Strathcona Park, Love thy neighbour…hood:    Although we offer cannabis in Strathcona, curious as to why we chose the Strathcona Park community to set-up shop for Mountain View Cannabis? The answer is simple. Strathcona is a community in Calgary’s south west quadrant overlooking downtown of […]

How To Stay Calm During COVID-19

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ _builder_version=”4.4.2″][et_pb_row _builder_version=”4.4.2″][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”4.4.2″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.2″] Five tips to help you manage stress levels Let’s just start by saying – W.T.F.!  A few weeks ago if you asked us what we’d be doing right now our answer would have been very different. It would have been something along the lines of meeting friends for […]