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​Mountain View Cannabis Opens its Doors!

There has been so much buzz around our store with our great staff getting everything ready for the day we open and today is that day, finally! It has been a lot of work that is paying off as we prepared for the official opening. We are excited to show off our beautiful store with modern amenities such as digital signage and menus and a gorgeous clean and crisp design.

What We’ve been up to

With organizing our first order from our fantastic suppliers, to receiving the first shipment this past week, to stocking our shelves and cases with our premium cannabis products and accessories. We have been working out all the logistics of opening our location.

We have also been training our staff with a large amount of product knowledge, and our suppliers have taken the time to come educate us all and we have taken in a lot of great, informative information. All to offer our customers the very best products and customers service. We are Calgary’s boutique; premium cannabis store and we look forward to serving you.

There are also other things we have been extremely busy with when opening our brand-new cannabis store. We have been working with the Alberta Liquor Gaming Commission to ensure we are compliant and following all regulations accurately. There are many regulations to learn about, follow and implement. For us, this is top on our list.

Not only have we been busy with the physical location, we have also been very busy working on our digital marketing presence such as building our website, engaging with customers on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. If you haven’t already done so, follow us on social media to keep up to date on what we’re up to.

Say Hello

At Mountain View Cannabis, we are thrilled to be in the Strathmore community located in the south west of Calgary. We have been meeting great people in the area and neighbours along the way. There have been many questions and excitement and we can now say we are open for business.

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