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Five tips to help you manage stress levels

Let’s just start by saying – W.T.F.! 

A few weeks ago if you asked us what we’d be doing right now our answer would have been very different. It would have been something along the lines of meeting friends for dinner at a new restaurant, catching a flames game down at the dome, or getting ready for a spring break trip to somewhere warm. We wouldn’t have told you we’d be self-isolating, keeping social distance from others, cancelling vacations or working remotely. But here we are.  

You’re not alone if you feel like this is the craziest and most stressful time in your life. Sadly, the number of confirmed COVID cases is continuing to rise, which only adds to our anxiety and makes an already stressful situation even more so. With that being said, the Mountain View Cannabis team has decided to focus on the brighter side of the coin and give you some suggestions to make quarantine periods a little less stressful and more productive.

Keep yourself busy.

Instead of parking your butt on the couch for a few weeks, why not look at this as an opportunity to tackle those daunting tasks that you never seem to have time to get to?  Clean out the junk drawer (we know you have one), organize the boot room or even go through your closet and purge all the items you don’t wear. Admittedly, all these tasks can take a while so if you need a little pick me up; we suggest mixing in a sativa-dominant edible or bud for a little extra motivation.

Schedule some downtime.

That may sound like we’re contradicting ourselves from our last point, but we’re not. This has been a stressful time for all of us, so it’s really important to take care of your mental health right now and just relax. Indica-dominant buds are amazing for the times when you want unwind.

Get together with friends (digitally).

Since we’re not able to actually get together with our favourite people, why not set-up a digital date? Make time to get together via video calls on Facetime, Skype or Google hangouts. The face-to-face interaction will really help during periods where you’re feeling particularly isolated and it’s nearly impossible not to smile when the people you love are smiling back at you.

Plan your days.

If you’re not used to working from home or on a flexible schedule, now’s the time to really focus. Without a boss to oversee your every move it’s easy to fall into the trap of sleeping in or staying in your pajamas for an entire day. DON’T DO IT! Instead, make a list of work tasks you plan to accomplish each day and stick to a routine. It will make it that much easier to readjust to normal life once all this craziness subsides.

Get some exercise.

True – if you typically work out away from home, you actually have a reason to avoid the gym. But with all the downloadable workout routines and online classes you can take, that’s not a valid excuse anymore. On top of helping you stay in shape, you’ll make it easier on yourself to maintain a positive attitude thanks to the endorphin boost from working up a sweat. There are even topical cannabis creams and oils you can use to help alleviate sore muscles!

Hopefully this will help reduce your stress levels over the next few weeks. We know it’s a crazy time, and we’re always here to help in any way we possibly can.

Our dispensary, located at 5555 Strathcona Hill SW #6, is still open for the time being. To help us limit social interactions, we recommend placing your cannabis orders online before you come pick them up in store. As always, we’re available by phone to answer any questions you might have about cannabis; from edibles to flowers, extracts and more.  You can reach us at 403-457-7490.  


Stay safe out there.


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