Troubles Sleeping!?!?

Marco has a problem! It may sound familiar. Marco is always awake at night and needs help sleeping. So he has tried everything from A to Z and has found only W works! That W being our god friend Weed. (cannabis) So Marco makes sure he always has enough of Weed’s good cousin Indica….. but occasionally he goes to his perfect jar of indica and realises…… OMG! I do not have enough and it is 11pm! Back in the old days he would have 0 hope! Ever heard of a pot dealer working past 9pm? Maybe you would find one at the skatepark if you were lucky! Good thing this is Calgary in 2021! There is no sweat and no stress on Marco’s end because he knows his neighborhood Mountain View Cannabis is open till Midnight or later!  



Check out our current up to date selection at Cannabis Products in Calgary | Mountain View Cannabis ! We are happy to be here for you in the community of Strathcona serving SW Calgary and anyone who is ever in Marco’s situation we would be happy to help! 🙂 

Can’t sleep, going out or just need to get high we are open till 12pm Monday thru Saturday.