New Sprouts

Every Week

Every week we receive new cannabis products from various flower strains, pre-rolls, edibles, beverages, oils, concentrates, vapes, oral sprays and more. Check them out here each week!

All New Sprouts Available January 1, 2024, After 12pm, Check With Our Budtender’s!

Contact us for Pre-Order or any questions you may have!

                New Sprouts


Ogen- Dosi Gmosi -3.5g

Ogen- Peach Chauffeur-3.5g

Common Ground- Larry The Purple Alien – 7g

Infused Pre-rolls.

Common Ground- Hella Jelly Infused- 3 x 0.5g

Vape Cartridge

Spinach- Cotton Dandy Kush-1.2g


Ogen- Phenohunt Indica- 3 x 0.5g

Common Ground- Blueberry Muffin Blunt- 1 x 1g

Top Leaf- LA Kush Cake- 3 x 0.5g

Ritual Stick- Black Mamba- 3 x 0.5g

Violet Tourist- Mini J’s Variety- 2 x .35g

Space Race- Starship- 1 x 1g

Space Race-Stargirl- 1 x 1 g

Space Race- Saturn V- 1 x 1g

7acres- Jack Haze- 2 x 0.5g

Jonny Chronic- Acapulco Gold Reefers- 3 x 0.5g

Northside Grow Co- Alien Rock Candy Blunt- 1 x 0.7g

Canaca- Alien Guy- 14 x 0.35g

Qwest- PS Cheetah- 3 x 0.5g


Color Cannabis- Pedros Sweet Sativa Live Resin Soft Chews

Color Cannabis- Mango Haze Live Resin Soft Chews

Color Cannabis- Black Sugar Rise Live Resin Soft Chews

Spinach Feelz-Mango Lime Soft Chews 1:3 THC + CBC

Sourz by Spinach- Pink Lemonde Soft Chews

Sourz by Spinach- Strawberry 5:1 CBD+ THC Soft Chews

Sourz Feelz- THC+ THCV Blue Raspberry Lemonade (Full Tilt)


HYTN- Watermelon Mint

Zele- Vanilla Cream Sativa Craft Soda

Zele Black Cherry Indica Craft Soda

Zele- Orange Sativa Craft Soda