New Sprouts

Every week we receive new cannabis products from various flower strains, pre-rolls, edibles, beverages, oils, concentrates, vapes, oral sprays and more. Check them out here each week!

All New Sprouts Available August 15, 2022, After 12pm, Check With Our Budtender’s!


Contact us for Pre-Order or any questions you may have!



3Saints- Sundae Strudel- 1g- $9.95

Broken Coast- Kush Mint- 3.5g- $37.00

Drift- Lemon Mech OG-3.5g- $27.95

Good Supply- Pineapple Express- 3.5g- $19.95

Good Supply- Sweet Berry Kush- 3.5g- $19.95

Redecan- Cold Creek Kush-3.5- $19.95

Parkland- Flower Fruit- 3.5g- $33.95

Ogen- Dosi Gmost#13- 3.g- $31.95

Organnicraft- Nitro Cookies- 3.5- 36.95

Next Friday- Blueberry Fuego- 3.5g- $34.95

Pure Sunfarms- Blue Dreams- 3.5g- $19.95

The Green Organic Dutchman- Organic Maple Kush- 3.5g- $30.95


Pre Rolls

Qwest- Papaya Cake- 2 x 0.5g- $9.95

Qwest- Redneck Wedding- 2 x 0.5g- $9.95

Redecan- Redees Cold Creek Kush- 10 x 0.4g- $19.95

FIGR- Powdered Donuts- 3 x 0.5g- $15.95

FIGR- Sour OG Kush- 3 x 0.5g- $15.95

Good Supply Hash Bats- Starwalker Kush Infused- 3 x 0.5g- $17.95

Daily Special- Evergreen Kush- 7 x 0.5g- $22.95



Wana-Mango Sativa Sour Soft Chews- $6.95

Wana-Pomegranate Blueberry Acai Soft Chews- $6.95\


Vape Cartridges

Ness- Apricot Jelly Vape Cartridge- 1g- $34.95

Spinach- Polar Mint Vortex Vape Cartridge- 1g- $32.95