New Sprouts

Every week we receive new cannabis products from various flower strains, pre-rolls, edibles, beverages, oils, concentrates, vapes, oral sprays and more. Check them out here each week!

All New Sprouts Available Every Monday After 2pm, Check With Our Budtender’s!



Back Forty- Pine Kush- 28g- $110.00

Divvy-Sour Kush-3.5g- $19.95

Simply Bare- BC Organic SFV OG Kush-3.5g- $45.95

Emerald Health- Durga Mata- 3.5g- $19.95




Good Supply- Jean Guy- 3.5g- $21.95

Ogen- Freshly Baked #76- 3.5g- $29.95



Good Supply- Royal Highness- 3.5g- $21.95


Qwest- Ex-Wife- 2 x 0.5g- $13.95

TWD- Sativa- 12x .5g – $34.95

Shred- Tropic Thunder- 14 x 0.5g- $39.95

Kolab Project- Kalifornia- 3 x 0.5g- $16.95

Abba Medix0 Critical Orange Punch- 1 x 0.5g- $5.95



Vapes Cartridges (510) & Disposable Vape

Foray- Black Berry Cream- 1g- $48.95

Kolab Project- Sativa Vape Cartridge- 1g- $52.95





Soft Chews

TWD- Sativa & Strawberry Soft Chews- $5.95

Chowie Wowie- Mango Pineapple Soft Chews- $5.95

Chowie Wowie- Watermelon Soft Chews- $5.95

Ace Valley- Key Lime Pie Soft Chews- $5.95

Contact us for Pre-Order or any questions you may have!