New Sprouts

Every week we receive new cannabis products from various flower strains, pre-rolls, edibles, beverages, oils, concentrates, vapes, oral sprays and more. Check them out here each week!

All New Sprouts Available March 20, 2023, After 12pm, Check With Our Budtender’s!


Contact us for Pre-Order or any questions you may have!



Back Forty- Panda Puff- 3.5g- $19.95

Back Forty- Apple Fritter- 3.5g- $19.95

MTL Cannabis- Wes’ Coast Kush- 3.5g- $29.95

Alberta Bid- 24k Gold- 3.5g- $19.95



Qwest- Bubble Bath- 3 x 0.5g- $14.95

Qwest- TKO- 3 x 0.5g- $17.95

Qwest-Grape Cream Cake- 3 x 0.5g- $17.95

Common Ground- Master Kush- 10 x 0.5g- $25.95

Top Leaf- La Kush Cake- 3 x 0.5g- $19.50

Space Race- Cannabis Apollo- 1 x 0.4g- $4.95

Space Race- Cannabis Starship- 1 x 1g- $9.95


Vape Cartridge- 510

Fuego- Cherry Blossom OG Vape Cartridge- 1g- $32.95

Back Forty- Orange Sunrise Vape Cartridge- 1g- $33.95

Lamplighter- Pineapple Coconut Escape Vape Cartridge-1g- $36.95

Lamplighter- Lychee Bubble Tea Vape Cartidge- 1g- $36.95



Spinach Sourz-Strawberry Mango Soft Chews- $6.50

Spinach Feelz- Deep Dreamz THC + CBN Soft Chews- $6.50

Pocket Fives- Blue Raspberry Soft Chews- $4.95

Monjour Bare- CBN Bedtime Blueberry Lemon Soft Chews- $6.95