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The Stigma attached to Cannabis Use


It’s not exactly shocking news that, even a few years after the legalization of cannabis, there is still a lot of stigma associated with its usage. Even though the topic of marijuana is becoming slightly less taboo with time, if you’re still finding that you need to defend your choice to use cannabis, we think this blog will help you put things into perspective for those who are still on the fence about accepting the new social norm.

Truth be told, we all grew up during a time when cannabis fell into the “illegal substance” category, so it only makes sense that there are still skeptics out there who aren’t as progressive and quick to accept that cannabis use is legal and socially acceptable.  We know that can’t change everyone’s opinion but, with that being said, it’s a goal of the Mountain View Cannabis team to educate the public.

So here’s our question: What’s the difference between consuming alcohol and consuming cannabis? There isn’t one. And to help you prove it, we pulled together some quick stats comparing the two.

You’re far less likely to become addicted to cannabis than alcohol.


When comparing cannabis and alcohol (among other substances) numerous studies have identified that the risk of lifetime dependence is the lowest with cannabis. Articles like this one from theatlantic.com, indicate that roughly 16% of drinkers will become addicted while only 9% of cannabis users are likely to become dependent on it.

Even though the addiction rate is considerably lower than others, we still encourage everyone to be mindful of consumption and enjoy responsibly.

In 2016, alcohol was identified as the greatest health risk for men and women, while cannabis reported a 0% mortality rate.


The greatest health threat of both males and females in 2016 was alcohol abuse. Research collected from hundreds of studies around the world, (published in this medical journal review) connected 16% of deaths with drinking and another report shows there were nearly 36,000 recorded alcohol-induced deaths in the US 2017.

When compared to alcohol use, the mortality rate of cannabis use is 0.00002%. The first (and only) death resulting from an apparent THC overdose was recorded in Louisiana earlier this year. Prior to that, cannabis had never been named as the sole cause of death and research in THC usage suggests that a person would need to ingest or smoke the equivalent of 2,000 joints to become fatal.

Alcohol users are more susceptible to developing cancer.


The National Cancer Institute has revealed that there are direct links between alcohol use and heightened risks of developing cancer. Their studies suggest that how much, and how often, a person drinks increases their likelihood of developing cancer.

Then we have marijuana. Unlike alcohol, it’s not considered a carcinogenic, has never been proven to increase risks of getting cancer and it can actually be used by cancer patients as part of their treatment.

Neither is good for your memory, but they impact it differently.  

Consuming too much of either cannabis or alcohol can lead to memory loss or periods of blackout, however the effects tend to be much longer lasting for drinkers. Frequent cannabis users typically experience more verbal memory loss which can last for weeks. Alcohol users lose the ability to focus on, and recall, specific details; which can impact brain function for years.

You’re less likely to gain weight with cannabis.


We know what you’re thinking. Even though THC can spike your appetite and lead to some overindulgences, cannabis users only average about a 600 calorie intake when they have the munchies. Meanwhile, the high caloric index of alcoholic beverages can actually increase your chances of obesity!

While we love a cold beer as much as the next person, we find it hard to believe anyone will be able to deny these facts. Why should it more socially acceptable to consume alcohol than cannabis? The short answer is it shouldn’t. Help us spread the word about Cannabis in Calgary and get rid of the stigma associated with cannabis for good. Just by educating your friends and family on the benefits, or sharing this blog, you can help us change the perception.

And if you have any questions for us, we’re all ears. Just give us a call at 403-457-7490 or come by our retail location for a quick visit.


See you soon

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