The Mountain View Cannabis Website is now live!

IT’S ALIVE!!! After much anticipation and countless requests from awesome customers, we are thrilled to announce that the Mountain View Cannabis website is now live. So what does that mean exactly? We spent months working with an awesome SEO & digital marketing strategist to create the most seamless experience possible for anyone visiting our website. We listened to all your questions, got a feel for what products and strains you were most interested in and created the ultimate one-stop shop for cannabis consumers in Calgary. In addition to us wanting to become your go to Calgary Cannabis store, we want you to have the absolute best shopping experience every single time you visit us, regardless if it’s in-store or online.

To help you get better acquainted with the site,, we’ve listed all the site features here for you. That way you’ll know exactly what to expect as you navigate our site for the first time.

The Website Features

  • First off; let’s talk about the design. We went with a sleek, modern design to help you find whatever you’re searching for as soon as you land on the site. If you’re looking for consumable products the menu page will be your best friend; the accessories tab is where you’ll find everything from rolling papers and grinders, to bongs and one-hitters; and you’ll get an overview of the company and industry on our about and FAQ pages. Easy, peasy.
  • Since we know you’re not actually here to learn about our websites design, let’s dive into the good stuff – the menu. We’ve told you about our epic product list before but now you can finally see it all for yourself, first-hand, with a few clicks of the mouse.  Our curated menu includes dried flower sativa, indica and hybrids, gummy and chocolate edibles, a wide variety of cannabis oils, and even different types of CBD capsules. With so many options we can practically guarantee we have something for you, regardless of what your preferred method of consumption is.
  • We’ve customized our website making it super easy for you to see what we have in stock and reserve products before you visit the store. To remain compliant with AGLC rules, we’re not allowed to sell cannabis to you online; however, our site allows you to reserve your orders for in-store pick-up. Just be sure to bring government issued photo ID when you come in, since we’ll need to see if before we can give you any product. If you’re not sure what to bring, jump over to the ID requirement section of our site to get the low down.

  • After you’ve had a chance to check out all cannabis products you want, be sure to venture over to the accessories page where you’ll find a great selection of glass pipes, vaporizers, bongs, bubblers, rolling papers, grinders, one-hitters and even glass cleaner. We hand-selected each of these products based on how they preform, so you can expect an optimal and enjoyable smoking experience with everything we offer.

Additional Website Features:

Lastly (but certainly not least), we can’t help but tell you about our favorite site feature; the ability to become a Mountain View Cannabis VIP by setting up an account with us. The process is super simple – just provide a few details about yourself; create a password, confirm your age, and – VOILA, you’re on our VIP list! Your VIP account gives you exclusive access to see our inventory in real-time, allows you to reserve your products online and keeps you in the loop by delivering new blog posts and industry news straight to your inbox. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

So there you have it. Now that you’ve got the inside scoop on our new website, we guess our only question for you is what are you still doing here? Hop over to and check things out for yourself.  As we said earlier, our website is here to enhance your cannabis shopping experience so don’t be shy about giving us your feedback. Our focus is on cultivating a positive culture and we gladly welcome any and all feedback as we continue to grow and improve. Just visit us in the store, drop us a line on the contact page, or shoot us a DM on Instagram (@MVC_AB) to share your thoughts with us.


Enjoy the site and we’ll see you soon!