Blackberry Lavander CBD 30P


Blackberry Lavander  thc 0 CBD 300mg


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About This Product

Delight in the soothing symphony of Foray’s Blackberry Lavender THC 0 CBD 300mg, available in a convenient 30-pack. Each carefully crafted gummy offers the exquisite fusion of blackberry sweetness and calming lavender, infused with precisely measured 300mg CBD. Perfectly designed for relaxation without the THC effects, these Foray gummies promise a tranquil journey. Mountain View Cannabis ensures swift delivery in Calgary, bringing you the premium quality of Blackberry Lavender 30p. Elevate your wellness routine with these precisely dosed and delicious CBD treats—order now for a flavorful and convenient indulgence, meticulously crafted for an extraordinary experience in the heart of cannabis excellence.