Pineapple Coconut 1:3 4p (H)



4 pieces by Vacay

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About This Product

Experience the tropical delight of Vacay’s Pineapple Coconut 1:3 THC/CBD 4-piece gummies. Blending the essence of pineapple with the creaminess of coconut, each gummy delivers a balanced 1:3 ratio of THC to CBD. With 1mg THC and 3mg CBD per piece, these tantalizing treats offer a harmonious journey to relaxation. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of both cannabinoids in a convenient 4-piece pack. Mountain View Cannabis ensures swift delivery in Calgary, bringing you the premium quality of Vacay’s Pineapple Coconut 1:3 gummies. Elevate your cannabis experience with this tropical fusion—order now for a flavorful and precisely dosed indulgence.