Raspberry Riot 1:1 5p


Raspberry Riot 1:1
THC 10 CBD 10

Palmetto 5 pieces

$7.00 0.05

About This Product

Delight in the perfect balance of Palmetto’s Raspberry Riot 1:1 THC 10 CBD 10, available in a convenient 5-piece pack. Each gummy offers a harmonious blend of luscious raspberry flavor with a precisely balanced 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, providing 10mg of each per piece. Embrace the therapeutic symphony of cannabinoids and the delicious taste of ripe raspberries. Mountain View Cannabis ensures prompt delivery in Calgary, delivering the premium quality of Palmetto’s precisely dosed gummies. Elevate your cannabis experience with the delightful Raspberry Riot 1:1, where flavor meets equilibrium—order now for a flavorful and harmonizing indulgence.