Strawberry 10p 1:20


THC 10mg CBD 200

WYLD 10p gummies

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About This Product

Delight in the perfect balance of THC and CBD with Wyld’s Strawberry 10p 1:20 THC 10mg CBD 200 gummies. Each gummy offers the exquisite taste of ripe strawberries infused with a precisely measured 10mg THC and 200mg CBD per piece, creating a harmonious and blissful experience. Crafted by Wyld, these delectable treats promise a flavorful journey with the therapeutic benefits of CBD. Mountain View Cannabis guarantees swift delivery in Calgary, ensuring you receive the premium quality of Strawberry 10p 1:20 gummies. Elevate your cannabis experience with these precisely dosed and delicious treats—order now for a convenient and delightful indulgence.