Tiger Blood infused 3×0.5

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Tiger Blood infused 3×0.5

THC 35%

Infused pre-rolls 3×0.5g

$31.00 0.05

About This Product

Embark on a wild and potent journey with Tiger Blood Infused 3×0.5 THC 35% Pre-Rolls from Mountain View Cannabis. Each meticulously crafted pre-roll delivers a punch of exhilarating THC at 35%, promising a fierce and flavorful experience. The infusion of Tiger Blood strain ensures a unique and intense encounter in every 0.5g pre-roll.

Conveniently delivered in Calgary, Mountain View Cannabis guarantees swift delivery, providing you with the highest quality of these powerful infused pre-rolls. Elevate your cannabis adventure with Tiger Blood—order now for a potent and extraordinary indulgence, meticulously curated in the heart of cannabis excellence.