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Have yourself a Merry Cannabis-mas!


The countdown to Christmas is officially on. With the holiday quickly approaching, we’re helping you simplify your shopping by giving some guidance to a gift that’s at the top of everyone’s list this year – Cannabis for Christmas. Check out this curated list, featuring 12 of our favourite strains, to help you find the perfect present for the premium Cannabis lovers in your life. Plus, you’ll get to avoid the overcrowded malls and busy parking lots by visiting us at Mountain View Cannabis, where you’ll find each of the strains we mention.

For Sativa Lovers:

The countless holiday parties, endless present wrapping and visiting with friends and family are enough to exhaust anyone on your list. Help them combat that fatigue with Cannabis Sativa. These buds are known to deliver an experience that energizes the user, increases levels of focus and creativity and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Sounds like this will make the perfect gift for anyone who has to host a Christmas party or endure the crowded malls during the month of December.

  1. Houndstooth by Tweed: Houndstooth is a fragrant THC strain that balances an earthy pine scent with a sweet, citrus aroma, and Buds feature a pleasant purple hue.
  2. Critical Silver Super Haze by Canna Frams LTD.: The flowers in this colourful Cannabis plant are layered with trichomes. The extremely popular buds are recognized for their complex scent, which infuses wood notes with sweet citrus aroma.
  3. BC Sungrown Blue Dream by Tantalus Labs Ltd.: Blue Dream is a sweet, flavourful Sativa-dominant Cannabis. Through a slow-curing process, users can expect to experience elevated flavours of brown sugar, blueberry syrup and caramel. Yum!


For the Indica Lovers:

Who wouldn’t love a little downtime after the holidays?  Help your friends and family alleviate some of that holiday stress with Cannabis Indica. Thanks to the higher counts of CBD and less THC, the recipient of these strains will get to unwind after the busy holidays and enjoy some much needed mental and physical relaxation.

  1. Moonbeam by LBS: These sweet-scented flowers will brighten up anyone’s holiday. Completely trichome covered, the Indica-dominant strain boasts a uniquely sweet and fruity fragrance.
  2. Jean Guy by 7 Acres: This woody, citrusy strain balances sugar, spice and everything nice; and gives nod to the to the French-Canadian cannabis history.
  3. White Russian by Boaz: CBD levels in this resinous strain range from 78%-90% and buds on this aromatic flower are crystal coated. Myrcene dominates the flavor profile, so users will enjoy hints of mango, thyme, lemongrass, and basil.
  4. White Rhino by Emerald Health Therapeutics: White Rhino boasts purple and green hues, and leaves are glazed with clear, compact trichomes. By combining the genetics of Afghani and White Widow, White Rhino is known for its strong, earthy aroma.
  5. Ease by Tokyo Smoke: Appropriately dubbed Ease, this CBD dominant strain is mildly scented and contains a very low amount of THC; perfect for promoting relaxation.



If you’re not sure what strain to go with or you have tought to buy for people on your list, Hybird Cannabis is the way to go.  Hybrids can be classified as Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant or balanced based on their unique ratio, so you can create a custom experience based on preference.


  1. Banana Split by Aurora: Banana Split is an invigorating and mood-boosting hybrid Cannabis. Enjoy the rich, somewhat sour, tropical notes of hints of ripe banana with this premium strain.
  2. Harmonic by MedReleaf: Harmonic is the best of both worlds. Reap the benefits of both Cannaboids with this CBD-THC balanced premium strain.
  3. Campfire by Alta Vie: Campfire is known for its yellow and orange hues, rich floral notes and loved for the calming effect that the high CBD, low THC content delivers.
  4. Keats by Broken Coast: This mood booster contains a moderate amount of THC, and radiates a tangy, down-to-earth fragrance.


With gifts like these, we can almost guarantee your gifts will be the highlight of the holiday season.

Come visit us at Mountain View Cannabis located inner city.

Happy Holidays!


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